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Favourite kitchen

Create a fresh look with colourful art prints. Looking for a summer decor update to lift your mood? It’s time to say “goodbye, dreary days" and invite the year’s first sun rays into the kitchen. Your cooking area at home is where you enjoy cosy Sunday family breakfasts or pleasant evenings with friends. So, it should be not only practical but beautiful. But what’s the recipe for a summery kitchen? In the following post, I’ll show you how to use three of my favourite wall hangings to give your favourite space a fresh look in just a few simple steps. RELAXATION IN A FRAME When you live with plants in your home, they truly create a haven of relaxation. Very...

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Chosen with love

Last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas As 14 February draws closer, the search for the perfect gift begins. Do you already have ideas on how to surprise your loved ones on Valentine's Day? I have nothing against delicious chocolates, but how about a gift that will sustain that thrill way beyond the famous lovers’ day? I’ve put together some thoughtful larger and smaller Valentine's Day gifts for you. I hope they’ll inspire both you and your Valentine. Long live love! GIFTS FOR EVERY BUDGET ART UNDER €20 A high-quality art card with a handwritten message on the back is the perfect little something to enthral that person close to your heart. The card will provide lasting joy when later mounted in...

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3 living trends for 2023

Hot furnishing trends for the new year!  In 2023 things are getting colourful and individual. 2022 was all about calm colours, cosy furniture and subtleness, but 2023 brings oodles of individualism and self-realisation. Now we can play around with forms, materials, colours and styles.   For my latest blog post, I have delved deeply into the 2023 decor trends, and I can assure you that you won't be able to escape the following three interior trends.   TREND 1:  LOUD COLOURS  The 2023 trend colours (to the blogpost) have revealed some of this, with even furniture and decor accessories showing their colourful, expressive side this year.  White and neutral tones, which have made way for louder colours, are increasingly used as feel-good...

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2023 Interior colour trends

Dare something new; dare with colour. My plans for 2023? Having the courage to dare something new, to dare with colour. Let's make a colourful start to this new year by diving into the four main interior colour trends of 2023 – "Lavender Cream", "Red Latex", "Brown Sand", and "Green Deep Lake". In this post, I delve more deeply into these fresh new colour worlds and their effects and present some matching artworks from my online shop Have fun while you discover your favourite colour for the new year! TREND COLOUR 1: LAVENDER CREAM The soft lilac tone, “Lavender Cream”, is diverse and facilitates diverse moods, radiating peace and cheerfulness. While a deep violet seems extravagant and original, the...

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At home with Daniela from @wunderblumen

Guest contribution: A bit of magic with beautiful art prints by the artist, Tiny. This contribution was written and photographed by Daniela from @wunderblumen. Tiny's beautiful pictures have long been finding their way into our home. Her works, created with "heart, love and soul", are sometimes loud and sometimes soft. They might be either colourful or muted, powerful or poetic. But they all have this in common: "They contain a certain magic." I find her art prints look beautiful on their own, yet also when combined with other art prints or on a picture wall. Selecting my favourite picture would prove difficult. However, because of its power and rich colour, I particularly love CORAL & CHOCOLATE. It hung in my...

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