The nature of colours

Art print ideas for a perfect style mix

Delicate, powerful, harmonious or impetuous — nature has an almost unlimited variety of colours, and provides a perfect source of inspiration when we want to update our wall colour.  From morning walks to evening sunsets — spending the day outdoors gives us an insight into the exciting world of different colour palettes.

In the following article I have put together my favourite colour inspirations:

Colour inspiration 1 – Morning dew on the meadows

As the delicate sun rises over the meadow in the early morning, a play of colours starts flooding the green landscape in soft tones. Forrest and meadow colours are guaranteed to relax you.  The art print PARADIS VERT (€49.94) invites you to unwind with its female silhouette drawn on white and delicate sage-green vintage paper.

Colour inspiration 2 – Bright noonday light

Let's dive into the floral art print FLEURS SUR LIN (from €49.95). Your gaze will be drawn into a dreamlike bouquet, where expressive earth tones meet bright pink tones. Your desire for nature will awaken and call you out into the open. The art print is a high-quality reproduction, available in 30x40 cm and 50x70 cm.

Colour Inspiration 3 – Gentle Evening Silence

After a long day, we start winding down in the evenings and enjoy the gentle magic of muted colours. Soothing shades of grey and dove tones combine with a smoky nude, surrounding us elegantly and quietly.  With its simple, flat vintage paper, the abstract art print LA BALANCÉ (30 x 40 cm, €49.95) helps us "switch off" in the evening. It's perfect for rooms that serve as cosy gathering spaces.


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