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Autumn is here!

Artworks in warm leafy colours It’s time to get cosy with tinystories. The combination of soft nuances, natural materials and poetic artworks in warm leafy colours will sweeten our autumn. It's time to draw those super-cuddly pillows and blankets out of their summer sleep, light the first candles, and add some variety to our walls with new art prints.  In the following article, I've compiled my favourite art prints for the golden season: JAPANESE CHARMThis delicate drawing of a woman in a kimono celebrates the beauty and culture of Japan. The restrained lines of the monochrome sketch were done in oil pastel on vintage paper. The art print KIMONO is printed on sustainable, chlorine-free paper and is available in two...

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Natural Living

Naturally beautiful in autumn with three home ideas Whatever combines harmoniously in nature will also spread peace and a cosy ambience in an interior setting. The combination of soft colour nuances, sustainable natural materials and poetic artworks can make the autumn even sweeter. Keeping with the current Natural Living trend, we create a feel-good home with matching art prints, collages, and wall hangings from my online shop, In the following article, I have put together three home ideas for an artistic journey into autumn.  HOME IDEA 1 – A WONDERFUL HARMONY  In autumn, you can add exciting blush, nude and white updates to your home gallery. These popular art prints are uniformly framed in dark oak, creating warmth and elegance....

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Eternal summer

Three artistic home ideas to make summer last a little longer We are currently enjoying the last weeks of summer. So it's about time to extend the most beautiful season of the year at home and create our own breezy paradise with a few tips and tricks. In the following article, I will introduce you to three home ideas that will give your home a makeover that brings soft elegance and preserves the summer feelings. You can find the matching paintings, collages and wall hangings for the eternal summer in my online shop HOME TIP 1 – CONJURE UP SUMMER LIGHTNESS  Fancy some candy floss and soft serve ice cream? We love that lightness of being in summer. So,...

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The nature of colours

Art print ideas for a perfect style mix Delicate, powerful, harmonious or impetuous — nature has an almost unlimited variety of colours, and provides a perfect source of inspiration when we want to update our wall colour.  From morning walks to evening sunsets — spending the day outdoors gives us an insight into the exciting world of different colour palettes. In the following article I have put together my favourite colour inspirations: Colour inspiration 1 – Morning dew on the meadows As the delicate sun rises over the meadow in the early morning, a play of colours starts flooding the green landscape in soft tones. Forrest and meadow colours are guaranteed to relax you.  The art print PARADIS VERT (€49.94) invites...

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