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Minimalist Christmas with tinystories

Three unpretentious decor ideas for this Christmas season Slowly but surely, we’re ringing in the pre-Christmas season and starting to celebrate its cosy magic. As we do this, we reflect on what is essential and celebrate the "Minimalist Christmas" home trend. In this article, I will show you how to artistically achieve the effect and introduce three decorative ideas for a relaxed Christmas season. Christmas Idea 1 – Wrap nature as a gift O Tannenbaum [O Christmas Tree]! The Christmas tree remains the central element of our Christmas decor and the backdrop to our Christmas eve gift exchange. How about seeing nature as a gift this year and allowing the green of the tree to shine? Instead of becoming overloaded...

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Giving sustainable joy

My last-minute Christmas gift ideas The magic of cosiness – at Christmas we celebrate traditions we have come to love, and we find joy in life's small moments. Of course we can't do without the obligatory pine tree, even if there's an increasing demand for a sustainable alternative to the classic Christmas tree. This is why, for this coming Christmas season, I've created the wall hanging “SOIRÉES DE NOEL” (€99,95 , 70x100 cm). The textile Christmas tree is printed on strong, durable cotton canvas, available in a limited edition of 300 hand-signed and hand-numbered copies at www. Instead of getting annoyed with crooked tree specimens or falling pine needles, you'll have lasting joy with this sustainable pine dream, which...

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On the wishlist!

Christmas gift suggestions – to give or keep for yourself The aroma of gingerbread and pine needles, the rustling of wrapping paper and the gleaming eyes of your loved ones when they open their gifts; Christmas is a sentimental and contemplative celebration – and we've already started our preparations. Our individually tailored art provides you with more than just a fleeting moment of joyful surprise. We give gifts that accompany their receivers. You can find the perfect gift in my online shop, among the artworks that range from purist to romantic, or delicate to strong, all containing that personal touch, something for every taste.My personal favourites: Gifts for dreamersThe art print "DREAMY LANDSCAPE" (A4, €49,95) invites you on a...

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