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tinystories x Elina keramik

handmade mugs from indonesia

“I met my dear friend, Elina, several years ago in Bandung, Indonesia. She is a talented artist who graduated from The Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts and is currently working as a ceramist in Bandung.

Elina's ceramic studio boasts a light and airy, open-air layout, nestled within a beautiful and
lush inner garden in Bandung. We've spent countless hours together in her studio, collaborating on the design and creation of this mug.

As both a close friend and an artist myself, it brings me joy to support Elina and her family-owned studio. This collaboration serves as a heartfelt ode to our enduring friendship.” xTiny



tinystories & DKMS LIFE


“Life is so precious and every day, that we are living healthy, is a day to celebrate. So often we forget this and then a sudden illness within our families or circle of friends can change our lives in an instant.

This is why I created the artwork ROUGE and will donate 50% of each sale to DKMS Life, a non-profit organization giving persons with cancer hope and support during their therapy while aiming to positively influence the healing process through multiple campaigns.

Thank you so much for supporting!”



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