Meet Tiny de Vries, the heart of tinystories and artist behind every single artwork. With her creative mind and wandering soul, she loves to tell her stories in paintings and collages while inspiring the people surrounding her.

The artist behind the stories


“Hi, it’s me, my name is Tiny and I’m an artist. Welcome to the tiny stories of my life, my tiny world on paper.

To me painting is like telling tiny stories, it’s to evoke a feeling I have once experienced, and then, by means of movements, lines, colours, or forms expressed in a painting, I am transmitting that feeling for others to experience and create their own story.

I love to paint with handmade brushes, using natural ink, watercolor or acrylic on used materials like old paper, linen book covers and antique French linen. Nature’s beauty, flowers, landscapes, female forms & faces, traveling and experiencing different cultures is a big source of inspiration to me.

The artworks all have something in common: I put my heart, love, and soul in them. That’s why they are all just a tiny bit magical…”


A space for creativity


Loose sketches on handmade paper, vintage linen, and old sunbleached paper in her atelier.

Tiny de Vries loves the intuitive & unpolished lines and brushstrokes, always seeking the balance between finished and unfinished.

She likes to lay everything onto the floor and then goes right into drawing and painting, looking back and forth quickly and often.

How it all began...


Tiny de Vries has been a passionate artist for her whole life.

Growing up in a small Dutch farming village in the warm surroundings of a creative and open-minded family, they all worked together on the
allotment, dyed their own fabric, sewed their own clothes, and drew and painted every single day.

After graduating from the University of Arts in the
Netherlands, Tiny studied at the Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture. Living in Bandung with her local tutor and his family at this time, she learned a lot about art, her perspective on life and got encouraged to tell her story.

Back home in Utrecht, Tiny founded her brand tinystories to share her stories with like-minded people while allowing herself to create her own positive poetic dream world with her paintings and collages.

Tiny's roots made her what she is today. She finds inspiration in nature, travelling, experiencing different cultures, her love for handcraft, books and art. Her work is intuitive, positive, poetic, bohemian and feminine.

Today Tiny's work has been displayed worldwide, in private collections, public media, as well as by interior, fashion and jewelery brands.