Home Styling Ideas

Every home is a reflection of its residents and each home styling as individual as you. Discover the tinystories home styling ideas and get inspired to find your personal style.


Create a positive atmoshpere

Living room

Get that magic touch into your living room with tinystories artworks. Whether you are looking for calm und subtle tones to relax and unwind or for the colour boost to get your energized - we've got you covered!

Peaceful sleep & magical dreams


Cozy is calling you... Some artful inspiration for your bedroom walls to connect with yourself and feel that inner peace when laying in bed. Let the magic meet you in your dreams.

Let's cook!


Effortless bridging multiple kitchen purposes with timeless style! Discover ideas for your home on how to create character in your kitchen with tinystories.

Create a welcoming entrance


First impressions count! Not only for your guests but for you, too. Leave long days behind you the second you step into your home. Let tinystories' positive atmosphere welcome you.

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