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We are registered at the 'Kamer van Koophandel' in Utrecht, The Netherlands under the number 63643650. Our main trading address is in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The shop owner is Ms. Tiny de Vries.

Box A1333
Keurenplein 41
1069CD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolutions (ODR) which can be accessed at

We are ready to participate in extra-judicial dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer dispute resolution body. The competent body in this matter is:
De Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP te Den Haag (
Court of jurisdiction: Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Mo.- Fri. 10am to 4pm
+49 30 325 12 4260
Except on German Bank holidays.

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