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Magical retreat in Morocco

'Serein', a sense of serenity… I painted SEREIN in Morocco during my latest artistic retreat. It has been painted with a soft pencil on antique paper.  I love to make sketches in my sketchbook and draw portraits of women from around the world during my travels. Each portrait holds a special memory, but somehow, it could hold so many more. Portraits could hide a million timeless memories of someone's heart. This painting keeps one exact moment from running away.  SEREIN without a frame, but surrounded by small souvenirs from around the world.  SEREIN & many of my Moroccan sketches...    ****  Looking back at this Magical retreat, we traveled along the beautiful Moroccan coast, we created, painted, made many photographs, talked &shared…...

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New sense of colour

3 ideas for a new sense of colour.  The spring season is always full of energy and life. The fresh colours in nature and the warmer weather put us in such a good mood. It's also the perfect time to introduce new accents inside your home to add freshness and joy. And thanks to the art prints in my online shop,, no job could be easier. Add a touch of spring colourfulness to your interior. I have three suggestions for using exciting colour combinations to bring spring accents into your home. If you want to give your place a buzz of freshness, you can find the perfect art prints, collages and wall hangings in my online shop.  GLOSSY PINK...

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Sleep better!

3 tips for an artistic bedroom. Welcome to the bedroom of your dreams! A SPAce where you can unwind and recover from your daily stress. But how can you ensure your bedroom's transformation into a new feel-good room? I have three tips to help you create a cosy, modern and art-filled bedroom. In my online shop,, you can discover the ideal art prints, collages and wall hangings for your personal bedroom update. PLACE THE FOCUS ON REST  Make way! Focus on the essentials and create a peaceful eye-catcher in your bedroom. A large work of art above the bed or on the opposite wall could be a central decorative element in the bedroom and significantly influence the overall mood....

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Thank you, Mom!

Gift ideas for Mother's Day Do you get a warm tingling sensation in your stomach when someone tells you, "I appreciate you."? Soon it'll be Mother's Day. A wonderful occasion to say "thank you!" to your dear mother, give her a tight hug and perhaps also delight her with a small gift. With art prints, collages and wall hangings from my shop,, you can make your mom beam with pleasure and give her some lasting joy. After the colourful bunch of Mother's Day flowers has withered, your mom will still be able to enjoy her favourite new artworks. A "Thank you, Mom!" that comes from your heart and adds beauty to her daily life. Enjoy my Mother's Day gift...

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Harmony through natural colours

 Two feel-good home decor ideas. Live naturally! As of now, we can also celebrate the natural trend in our interior spaces. Earthy colours and delicate tones combined with poetic artworks and accessories from nature: that's my recipe for a natural feel-good atmosphere in the home. Let's take things down a notch and live out our penchant for all things natural.  I have two home decor ideas which I'd love to share with you in the following article. Allow yourself to be captivated by my new art prints in soft pink hues and with inspiring earth-toned motifs. In my online shop,, you can find art prints, collages and wall hangings to suit your own natural home decor style. THE GENTLENESS...

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