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A toast to women!

Gift ideas for International Women’s Day on 8 March. 8 March is International Women’s Day, and we want to show all the extraordinary heroines who enrich our lives how much we value them. Whether it’s your mother, your sister or aunt, your daughter, your best friend, your dearest colleague or you yourself — every woman is unique, and together we are strong! Do you still need ideas for an artistic gift for that power woman in your life who makes you proud? The following post may contain the perfect surprise. Let’s celebrate women! DELICATE STRENGTH A shoulder to lean on, conversations that fill you with courage, or a role model who has your back — if there’s a superheroine in...

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At home with Daniela from @wunderblumen

Guest contribution: A bit of magic with beautiful art prints by the artist, Tiny. This contribution was written and photographed by Daniela from @wunderblumen. Tiny's beautiful pictures have long been finding their way into our home. Her works, created with "heart, love and soul", are sometimes loud and sometimes soft. They might be either colourful or muted, powerful or poetic. But they all have this in common: "They contain a certain magic." I find her art prints look beautiful on their own, yet also when combined with other art prints or on a picture wall. Selecting my favourite picture would prove difficult. However, because of its power and rich colour, I particularly love CORAL & CHOCOLATE. It hung in my...

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