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Sleep better!

3 tips for an artistic bedroom. Welcome to the bedroom of your dreams! A SPAce where you can unwind and recover from your daily stress. But how can you ensure your bedroom's transformation into a new feel-good room? I have three tips to help you create a cosy, modern and art-filled bedroom. In my online shop,, you can discover the ideal art prints, collages and wall hangings for your personal bedroom update. PLACE THE FOCUS ON REST  Make way! Focus on the essentials and create a peaceful eye-catcher in your bedroom. A large work of art above the bed or on the opposite wall could be a central decorative element in the bedroom and significantly influence the overall mood....

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Eternal summer

Three artistic home ideas to make summer last a little longer We are currently enjoying the last weeks of summer. So it's about time to extend the most beautiful season of the year at home and create our own breezy paradise with a few tips and tricks. In the following article, I will introduce you to three home ideas that will give your home a makeover that brings soft elegance and preserves the summer feelings. You can find the matching paintings, collages and wall hangings for the eternal summer in my online shop HOME TIP 1 – CONJURE UP SUMMER LIGHTNESS  Fancy some candy floss and soft serve ice cream? We love that lightness of being in summer. So,...

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Living like on vacation

Holiday flair for your home You might feel a nagging wanderlust pulling you toward the wide world. The next trip is sure to come, but in the meantime, you could already set the holiday scene in your own home with the latest decorative favourites: a short trip to the seaside, into the jungle or into the land of the rising sun, Japan. On my travels, I find new sources of inspiration for my art and collect unique materials like brushes and paper. I combine both elements in my poetic and exotic artworks, which allow you to live as if you are already on holiday. You can find these works in my online shop Holiday flair for the home, so...

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Into the blue

Happy home with blue artworks Let's welcome the mood-enhancing colour blue! Intense blue tones are taking over our walls this summer to create a happy home and feel-good atmosphere. The calming and clear colour positively affects both body and mind, even in its more intense nuances. It can elevate your mood and help you concentrate and focus. Blue decorative elements can work wonders, especially in the areas surrounding your desk.  Below, I have compiled my three favourite blue art prints: Floral joy The art print INDIGO FLOWERS (from €59.95 and limited to 300 copies) is available in the size 30 x 40 cm. Tightly packed floral silhouettes are kept in a deep blue tone and provide a naturally beautiful interior. ...

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Distant yearning

Wanderlust and enjoyment of art There are many destinations for those with wanderlust or a desire to travel. Set off into the wide world by starting right here in your home. Allow my exotic artworks with their vibrant colours to lead the way. During my travels, I always collect new sources of inspiration and unique materials. I then combine both in my artworks and invite you to immerse yourself in these distant locations of yearning at  In the article below, you can find my highlight art works:  Oriental Dreams This monoprint, inspired by the intoxicating city of Marrakesh (€49.95), is available in a 30 x 40 cm size. Known as the “red city” because of the colour of its...

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