Wanderlust and enjoyment of art

There are many destinations for those with wanderlust or a desire to travel. Set off into the wide world by starting right here in your home. Allow my exotic artworks with their vibrant colours to lead the way. During my travels, I always collect new sources of inspiration and unique materials. I then combine both in my artworks and invite you to immerse yourself in these distant locations of yearning at www.tinystories.nl

In the article below, you can find my highlight art works: 

Oriental Dreams

This monoprint, inspired by the intoxicating city of Marrakesh (€49.95), is available in a 30 x 40 cm size. Known as the “red city” because of the colour of its walls, Marrakesh reveals its  colourful cloak of dark red tones at sunset, as I express in this work. 

Coastal love

In this abstract, two-dimensional print with soft grey and beige tones, I center my love for the coast and the Frisian islands where I spent my childhood holidays. The 30 x 40 cm art print Coast (€49. 95) is available in a limited edition of a total of 300 pieces.

Flowers from Korea

The sensual and simultaneously powerful portrait of a woman captivates the viewer's gaze. On my trip through Korea, I acquired special handmade brushes that inspired me to create the motif Korean Flowers (from €39.95). This quality reproduction of the original on vintage paper is available in the sizes 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm.

Behind The Scenes: Bali Travel Impressions

"Memories of Bali...

I walk home through rice paddies,
emerald paddy fields.
Whispering blades of grass
swaying in the gentle breeze.
Let's go wandering again
drawn by the innocence
of these deep green rice paddies."

Tiny de Vries


The idea for this painting came about during a hike through the emerald green rice fields of Bali. We inhale deeply, our mind comes to rest, while our eyes become immersed in the vibrant blue and green tones of the landscape impression Bali (€49.95) and are allowed to recover from the outside world. The art print is available in a 30 x 40 cm size in my online shop www.tinystories.nl

I share travel inspirations, personal snapshots and special finds from the world of art and interiors on Instagram @tinystories.nl or on my Pinterest channel @tinystoriesartshop



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