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New sense of colour

3 ideas for a new sense of colour.  The spring season is always full of energy and life. The fresh colours in nature and the warmer weather put us in such a good mood. It's also the perfect time to introduce new accents inside your home to add freshness and joy. And thanks to the art prints in my online shop,, no job could be easier. Add a touch of spring colourfulness to your interior. I have three suggestions for using exciting colour combinations to bring spring accents into your home. If you want to give your place a buzz of freshness, you can find the perfect art prints, collages and wall hangings in my online shop.  GLOSSY PINK...

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Hello Easter!

Decor ideas for a colourful Easter celebration. Spring is in the air, and our anticipation of Easter is rising. The colourful family celebration is almost upon us. Now is the perfect time for families to start their creative projects, enjoy the fragrance of spring flowers, snack on chocolate Easter eggs and decide on little gifts for visiting family and friends.   In this post, I’ll reveal two decor and gift ideas that will bring joy to everyone this Easter. Start your Easter browsing in my online shop, and discover paintings, collages and wall hangings for your artistic Easter nest. ART CARDS AS EASTER GIFTS FOR YOUR GUESTS  It’s an EGG-cellent time to start crafting! In the run-up to Easter, young...

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Breathe deeply!

These 3 ideas will bring a forest atmosphere into your home.  There’s something magical about a forest. A long walk through the lush, deep green, with trees, plants and soft birdsong all around you, brings about peace and relaxation. On 21 March, we celebrate the International Day of Forest. Can you think of any better reason to find inspiration in nature and bring the wonderful forest effect into your apartment?  In the following article, I’ve compiled my favourite inspirations and ideas to help you transform your home into a green meadow. FOREST INSPIRATION 1: GREEN REPOSE When the spring morning sun illuminates the first tree buds, and the delicate green of new leaves starts showing, our desire for nature awakens and calls us...

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A toast to women!

Gift ideas for International Women’s Day on 8 March. 8 March is International Women’s Day, and we want to show all the extraordinary heroines who enrich our lives how much we value them. Whether it’s your mother, your sister or aunt, your daughter, your best friend, your dearest colleague or you yourself — every woman is unique, and together we are strong! Do you still need ideas for an artistic gift for that power woman in your life who makes you proud? The following post may contain the perfect surprise. Let’s celebrate women! DELICATE STRENGTH A shoulder to lean on, conversations that fill you with courage, or a role model who has your back — if there’s a superheroine in...

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3 living trends for 2023

Hot furnishing trends for the new year!  In 2023 things are getting colourful and individual. 2022 was all about calm colours, cosy furniture and subtleness, but 2023 brings oodles of individualism and self-realisation. Now we can play around with forms, materials, colours and styles.   For my latest blog post, I have delved deeply into the 2023 decor trends, and I can assure you that you won't be able to escape the following three interior trends.   TREND 1:  LOUD COLOURS  The 2023 trend colours (to the blogpost) have revealed some of this, with even furniture and decor accessories showing their colourful, expressive side this year.  White and neutral tones, which have made way for louder colours, are increasingly used as feel-good...

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