3 beautiful home trends for 2022

For me, a new year always holds new expectations, hopes and changes. What is constant, what has remained and what's coming? This is the ideal time for us to start redesigning our interiors. After all, we spend time in our living spaces, because they're the source of our strength and security. In this article, I'll introduce you to my three trends for 2022, my recommendations to inspire you and bring more joy into your home.

HOME TREND 1 – Creating a powerful harmony

This is a year we reflect more on ourselves and the sources of our inner strength. The wall hanging "L'AMOUR" (151 x 201 cm, €299,95) celebrates femininity and strength and allows the two characteristics to merge into an expressive whole. The colour code is muted and balanced. The sensual motif of a female portrait is in soft, natural colours will imbue your room with an intimate atmosphere. Breathe deeply and allow the harmony of the natural materials and light beige and cream tones, natural hues ranging from violet to brown, to affect you. Click here to view the tapestry.

HOME TREND 2 – The kitchen: heart of the apartment

Whether we usually eat, play or just hang out in it, the kitchen is often the meeting point in our homes. Being at the heart of the action, it deserves our special attention and yearns for an extra portion of interior happiness. The art print "BEETROOT" (A4, €39,96) has darker red and brown tones on light Vergé paper. Its motif of a flower bed with painted roots seems to ground the viewer and hold their gaze. The art print evokes the tranquillity of nature and harbours a sense of vitality. Click here for the art print.

HOME TREND 3 – The home office is here to stay and it's becoming more beautiful

In 2022 many of us will still spend part of our working hours within our own four walls. A separate study might not always be available, in which case we need to accommodate the desk in another room. Designing a functional and visually appealing workspace promotes productivity and helps separate the area and create a better work-life balance. The abstract art print “LA BALANCÉ” (30 x 40 cm, €49,95) stimulates concentration with its unpretentious layers of vintage paper. Click here for the art print.

The character of an apartment should reflect the personality of the resident. Create your feel-good home in 2022. You can find more design inspiration in my online shop or on Instagram.



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