Styling tip: Autumn ambience in just 3 steps

Autumn has been clothing our trees in their coats of many colours, and these natural tones have moved indoors as well. The interplay between different red tones, muted and subtle shades of brown and various yellow nuances can sustain this autumn feeling. Light grey and pastel tones make the look less severe, adding a lightness to the harmonious autumn picture.

In the following article, I’ve put together three styling tips for a cosy autumn ambience: 

Tip 1: A brief history of cosiness

Cushions, cushions, and more cushions. Besides using matching shades, patterns and various fabrics, you can also create a cosy and autumnal ambience by playing around with the number of cushions and creating a decorative, cuddly island. Because a cushion doesn't like to be left all alone…

Tip 2: A lasting love of flowers

Individual dried flowers and branches or artfully arranged bouquets which can be effectively staged in combination with artwork can bring long-lasting joy.

Tip 3: A feeling of harmony

Create warmth and comfort on your walls. You can achieve this by creating an interplay between different colours or through a picture gallery where you arrange several pictures and frames on the wall or the floor.

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