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Thank you, Mom!

Gift ideas for Mother's Day Do you get a warm tingling sensation in your stomach when someone tells you, "I appreciate you."? Soon it'll be Mother's Day. A wonderful occasion to say "thank you!" to your dear mother, give her a tight hug and perhaps also delight her with a small gift. With art prints, collages and wall hangings from my shop,, you can make your mom beam with pleasure and give her some lasting joy. After the colourful bunch of Mother's Day flowers has withered, your mom will still be able to enjoy her favourite new artworks. A "Thank you, Mom!" that comes from your heart and adds beauty to her daily life. Enjoy my Mother's Day gift...

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Chosen with love

Last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas As 14 February draws closer, the search for the perfect gift begins. Do you already have ideas on how to surprise your loved ones on Valentine's Day? I have nothing against delicious chocolates, but how about a gift that will sustain that thrill way beyond the famous lovers’ day? I’ve put together some thoughtful larger and smaller Valentine's Day gifts for you. I hope they’ll inspire both you and your Valentine. Long live love! GIFTS FOR EVERY BUDGET ART UNDER €20 A high-quality art card with a handwritten message on the back is the perfect little something to enthral that person close to your heart. The card will provide lasting joy when later mounted in...

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Artistic gifts of joy

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas Choosing, wrapping, unwrapping, and feeling thrilled! Above all else, Christmas should centre around sharing beautiful moments, sharing time with one another, and showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. And even the undecided procrastinators will still have enough time to find artistic Christmas gifts for family and friends in my online shop.   Various sources of inspiration – such as an immersion into foreign cultures, femininity, encounters with nature, and a passion for handicrafts – have been combined in a portfolio of unique art prints, large-format wall hangings and poetic art cards. This year, instead of passing fashion trends, we can give lasting artistic joy. In the article below, I’ve put together a gift...

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Sunny outlook

Summer longing on your walls Relax and lean back – that's what summer's all about. Even before we swap our desks for hammocks and  soft, foot-massaging beach sand , we could start our journey right here at home by creating our own summer oasis. Sensual silhouettes and portraits, floral still lifes, dreamy landscapes and abstract works – summer starts at home. In the following article I have put together my favourite art prints for a sunny outlook: Paradise under the palm trees Palm pictures are just as much part of that holiday feeling as sandy beaches. The new art print PALMIER will draw everyone's attention with its elegant palm frond in a delicate taupe tone. This is a wonderful motif to...

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For Mum!

Soft colours and gift ideas for Mother's Day with tinystories She's solid as a rock, always ready to comfort and gives the best tender hugs. Mother's Day is on the 8th of May and we all agree: Mum deserves only the best! The challenge is to honour those special mother-child moments with loving gift ideas that bring a magic lasting joy. Instead of fresh flowers for a vase, you could consider an individual floral art print for a wall or an aesthetic postcard with a heartfelt handwritten message. With artworks from my online shop you can say, "Thank you Mum!" from your heart in a very personal way, showing your appreciation for the many big and small things you...

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