My last-minute Christmas gift ideas

The magic of cosiness – at Christmas we celebrate traditions we have come to love, and we find joy in life's small moments. Of course we can't do without the obligatory pine tree, even if there's an increasing demand for a sustainable alternative to the classic Christmas tree.

This is why, for this coming Christmas season, I've created the wall hanging “SOIRÉES DE NOEL” (€99,95 , 70x100 cm). The textile Christmas tree is printed on strong, durable cotton canvas, available in a limited edition of 300 hand-signed and hand-numbered copies at www. Instead of getting annoyed with crooked tree specimens or falling pine needles, you'll have lasting joy with this sustainable pine dream, which you can roll up after your party and place inside a drawer, where it will patiently wait to be used again next December.

Last minute gift paradise

Whether you need a small or big surprise for your party, my online shop has the right gift for every budget and taste. To avoid a fried brain and help you be more relaxed in your hunt for exciting gifts, here are three of my recommendations :

Under €10: Festive florals 
A picture that provides sustainable flower pleasure. The A5 mini art print “WILD FLOWERS” (€7,95) is a beautiful quality reproduction. The original is painted on vintage paper with natural pigments from the Balearic Islands. Click here to see the product


Under €50: Japan in your heart 
The art print “KASSHOKO” (A4, €49,95) celebrates the simple beauty of different shades of brown and black, with its flat collage resulting in a contrasting interaction. The high-quality reproduction is available in a limited number of 300, each signed by me in soft pencil. Click here to see the product


Under €160: Sensual Moments
The wall hanging “TRESOR” (80 x 100 cm, €159,95) invites the viewer to a quiet conversation and captivates the eye with its sensual motif of an expressive female portrait printed on 100% eco-cotton. For the original painting, the artist used natural Japanese brushes on handmade paper. Click here to see the product


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