Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

Choosing, wrapping, unwrapping, and feeling thrilled! Above all else, Christmas should centre around sharing beautiful moments, sharing time with one another, and showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. And even the undecided procrastinators will still have enough time to find artistic Christmas gifts for family and friends in my online shop. 
Various sources of inspiration – such as an immersion into foreign cultures, femininity, encounters with nature, and a passion for handicrafts – have been combined in a portfolio of unique art prints, large-format wall hangings and poetic art cards. This year, instead of passing fashion trends, we can give lasting artistic joy. In the article below, I’ve put together a gift guide for you. Have fun browsing!

Gifts for every budget 

Art under €20

Friendships are often maintained by small gifts like poetic art cards that can also greatly impact any apartment. The A5 mini art print ÉMERAUDE (€16.95) contains an expressive female profile. What first catches your eye is the prominent earring, whereafter your gaze sinks into the cool, intense emerald background.

The botanical motif GINGKO (€8.95) is a leaf painting in light beige and gold tones, a relaxing focal point on your wall, promising the enduring joy of nature.

Art under €60

Art has an extraordinary way of creating joy. It's as individual as each one of us.
Surrounded by layers of vintage paper in various shades of green, the pink square's radiance will captivate you. The art print EMERALD GREEN ( A4, from €52.45), limited to 300 copies, is hand-numbered and signed by the artist in soft pencil.

The art print CITRONS À L'INDIGO, available in A4 for €42.45, is a luminous display of colour inspired by the street markets of Marrakesh.

In the art print CHALK & TANGERINE (from €42.45), delicate shades of soft pink and grey are artfully challenged by a powerful red that forms a direct dialogue with the viewer. This quality reproduction, with the original done on vintage paper, is available in A4, 30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm.

This monoprint (€54.95), inspired by the intoxicating city of Marrakesh, is available in a 30 x 40 cm size. At sunset, the city, also known as the “red city” due to the colour of its walls, reveals itself in a colourful cloak of dark red tones, expressed in the work MARRAKESH.

Art under €90

The CORAL & CHOCOLATE art print (30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm, from €84.95) promises visual pleasure. Strong earth tones meet playful pastels in the abstract landscape, joining in a sensuous dance, rich in contrast.
The sight of the delicate yet powerful female figure in traditional Japanese costume takes us on a wonderful journey of the imagination in the two-colour art print KIMONO (€84.95).

Art over €150

With its vivid shades of green and blue, the KOREAN FLOWERS wall hanging (80 x 100 cm, €179.95) contrasts the wintry grey with a powerful colour accent, bringing a magical vibrancy into the living room.
The muted colour palette and softness of the wall hanging BLUE EYES (€179.95) usher peace into the room and our often-hectic daily life.  A Japanese brush was used to paint the original on pages of an old book.

Wondering how to choose the perfect gift? Here are 4 tips for finding the right artwork.

  1. Refine your search. Is your recipient passionate about a specific theme or genre that they have in their home gallery? Is it abstract paintings and collages, or perhaps silhouettes, that will make their face light up when they unwrap their gift?
  2. Skilfully playing with colour. The artwork you select should fit in with the colours in the room and create a harmonious overall picture. Is there a specific colour concept in the apartment where your gift art piece will be displayed?
  3. Make way! Should your gift be a large-format soloist on the wall or a small new eye-catcher added to the collection in a Petersburg hanging? The presentation location will often determine the image size. That's why it would be wise to take a discreet little tour of the art lover's home, enabling you to choose the right large or small-format work.
  4. Captured moments. The shared moments that build a special bond might include far-flung trips, nature walks, having the same favourite flower or an emotional friendship experience. An artwork could form a lasting celebration of these connecting moments.
You can find more inspiration for the Christmas season in my online shop, on Instagram or on Pinterest.

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