3 ideas for a new sense of colour. 

The spring season is always full of energy and life. The fresh colours in nature and the warmer weather put us in such a good mood. It's also the perfect time to introduce new accents inside your home to add freshness and joy.
And thanks to the art prints in my online shop, www.tinystories.nl, no job could be easier. Add a touch of spring colourfulness to your interior. I have three suggestions for using exciting colour combinations to bring spring accents into your home. If you want to give your place a buzz of freshness, you can find the perfect art prints, collages and wall hangings in my online shop. 


Let's open up the treasure chest of colour! Create true shimmering splendour with gold and silver tones in your interior. The unique metallic look produces an unusual and elegant living atmosphere. Combined with powdery colours like dusty pink, soft beige and light shades of grey, the brilliant metal colours will show off their delicate side.
In the LUMIÈRE DORÉE art print (€179.95), the expressive female portrait motif shines out from her golden background, adding a touch of glamour to the wall.
Pink and silver form a successful colour team, revealing their shiny side in the MOUNTAINS AT DAWN art print (€54.95). Because of its cool undertone, Silver combines particularly well with bright colours to ensure a spring-fresh look.


From their earliest use, purple tones have exuded a friendly, airy welcome – the most delicate temptation. This colour fills a room with peace, lightness and the joy of life. And it always creates exciting contrasts when used in combination with red and beige shades
In the abstract landscape DE PAYSAGE (€42.45), the light lavender purple blossoms into renewed artistic splendour, combining excellently with fresh spring colours such as yellow, pink and light blue.


Soft green nuances help us relax. They reveal a modern aspect and provide a carefree atmosphere. Not only do mint and sage ensure a delicious freshness in our cold drinks – they also spread their good mood onto our walls and furnishings. 
In the art print PARADIS VERT (from €54.95), the colour-combination first prize goes to green and white. Together, these two colours bring joy into our apartments with their light accents, ensuring relaxation for body and mind. The added company of rich white and soft cream tones make the delicate green glow even stronger and appear fresher.
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