These 3 ideas will bring a forest atmosphere into your home. 

There’s something magical about a forest. A long walk through the lush, deep green, with trees, plants and soft birdsong all around you, brings about peace and relaxation. On 21 March, we celebrate the International Day of Forest. Can you think of any better reason to find inspiration in nature and bring the wonderful forest effect into your apartment? 

In the following article, I’ve compiled my favourite inspirations and ideas to help you transform your home into a green meadow.

When the spring morning sun illuminates the first tree buds, and the delicate green of new leaves starts showing, our desire for nature awakens and calls us outdoors. Soft tones start flooding the landscape, revealing its charm. Similarly, the art print PALMIER VERT (€54.95), which is available in the size 30 x 40 cm, can turn things fabulously green. The light palm leaf on a darker shade of green invites one to relax in a botanical atmosphere—an ideal decor element for a small living area with a comfortable armchair or chill-out corner.


The wall-hanging WHISPERS FROM THE WOODS (€179.95) pays homage to the forest and offers a cosy silence. When looking at the textile artwork in clay and lime colours, the viewer will experience a feeling of inner contemplation and deep, calm breathing. The motif of the tree, printed on a sturdy cotton canvas, is reminiscent of the power of nature. The dimensions of this wall hanging are 80 x 100 cm and hanging clips can be supplied on request.


Would you like to bring indigenous nature into your home? You can achieve this atmosphere with small finds such as decorative stones, grasses or warped twigs from your last forest walk. Glasses or ceramic bowls make beautiful containers for these natural treasures. The abstract art print EMERALD GREEN (from €52.45) can form the colour-perfect counterpart to natural earthy colours and wood elements in your interior, reflecting the vibrant glow of meadows and forests with the bright green tones of the layered vintage papers – a feel-good backdrop of nature inside your home.

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