Hot furnishing trends for the new year! 

In 2023 things are getting colourful and individual. 2022 was all about calm colours, cosy furniture and subtleness, but 2023 brings oodles of individualism and self-realisation. Now we can play around with forms, materials, colours and styles.  

For my latest blog post, I have delved deeply into the 2023 decor trends, and I can assure you that you won't be able to escape the following three interior trends.  


The 2023 trend colours (to the blogpost) have revealed some of this, with even furniture and decor accessories showing their colourful, expressive side this year.  White and neutral tones, which have made way for louder colours, are increasingly used as feel-good focal points in the living area. And striking wall pictures, playful carpets and colourful living accessories provide an instant dopamine kick to your four walls.  

Matching art prints 

BAY VIEW, A4 art print, from €42.45

KOREAN HANDBOK, art print in 30 X 40 cm from €54.95


Goodbye to off-the-shelf designs and mass-produced products! This year, the trend is to personalise and express your individuality. Individual pieces and pre-owned objects and furniture are finding their way into our living spaces, and we can combine them at will with the new. Flea market finds are very popular and combine excellently with your existing furniture.   

Matching art prints 

FOLLOW RIVERS art print, available in the sizes 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm und 50 x 70 cm, from €54.95

SAND AND CORAL, art print in 30 x 40 cm, from €54.95


In keeping with our passion for sustainability and environmental consciousness, this trend represents more nature in our interiors. However, the idea is not to decorate your four walls with indoor plants. This year, warm, earthy and coffee tones, natural materials like rattan and seaweed and botanical motives are taking over, especially in the kitchen and dining room. Add a few attractive pottery pieces, and your look will be perfect.  

Matching art prints 

VERTE, art print in 30 x 40 cm, from €54.95

STILL LIFE, art print in 30 x 40 cm, from €54.95

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