The fundamentals of a perfect hygge living experience

I experience my home as a small idyllic island of relaxation in the whirling everyday hustle and bustle. A space that calms me down and allows me to enjoy my own company. But, at the same time, it's where I get my strength and where I spend hours socializing with my loved ones. Do you also enjoy creating your own hygge style, celebrating the cosy Scandinavian joy of living with warm, natural colours? Then you might like my three inspirational ideas for a perfect hygge living experience.

LIVING IDEA 1 – Pure comfort with warm colours

Endless freedom and new beginnings – soar into the sky and feel as free as a bird with the art print "The Sky Is Wide Open" (from €49,95). The warm colour-play in earthy and natural tones and swarming bird silhouettes creates a cosy feel-good atmosphere, inviting the viewer to dream. The art print is available in 30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm. Click here for the art print


LIVING IDEA 2 – Natural materials

We allow natural tones to flow into our homes and focus more on cosiness and calm in our choice of furniture. Clear lines, simple shapes and light wood combine with subtle, basic colours such as white, beige and grey. The harmony of these elements purposefully unfolds their effect, ensuring a friendly, spacious feeling. I allowed my love for the coast and the Frisian islands where I spent my childhood holidays to flow into the abstract, flat art print "COAST" (30 x 40 cm, €49.95). We inhale deeply and let the harmony of natural materials and light beige and cream tones work their magic on us. Click here for the art print


LIVING IDEA 3 – Time for friends and family

Social evenings also form part of a happy home. Inviting friends and family over, cooking together, enjoying the good things in life together or discussing worries and feeling supported and understood. Our enjoyable gatherings are underlined by small comfort accents and a pleasant room atmosphere that invites all to linger and relax. The wall hanging "Blue Eyes" (80 x 100 cm, €159,95) celebrates femininity and strength and allows the two qualities to merge into an expressive whole. The sensual motif of a female portrait is kept in natural and soft colours that immerse the room in an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Click here for the wall hanging.


Let's allow the Scandinavian cosiness to move in with us. I wish you plenty of joy. You can find more interior design inspiration in my online shop or on Instagram


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