3 tips for an artistic bedroom.

Welcome to the bedroom of your dreams! A SPAce where you can unwind and recover from your daily stress. But how can you ensure your bedroom's transformation into a new feel-good room?

I have three tips to help you create a cosy, modern and art-filled bedroom. In my online shop, wwww.tinystories.nl, you can discover the ideal art prints, collages and wall hangings for your personal bedroom update.


 Make way! Focus on the essentials and create a peaceful eye-catcher in your bedroom. A large work of art above the bed or on the opposite wall could be a central decorative element in the bedroom and significantly influence the overall mood.

 As a large-format solo piece, the wall-hanging LISTEN TO THE SILENCE (€179.95), with its warm earth tones, creates a cosy atmosphere that invites you to relax.

The 70 x 100 cm BLUE EYES wall hanging  (€179.95) provides a charismatic, artistic touch with a female portrait as its motif. Large-format works like these need space to unfold their special effect and will skilfully work their stand-alone magic on a wall.


It's time for soft powder tones to sweeten your bedroom ambience and bring a touch of lightness. Spring colour nuances, delicate pastel tones, and discreet motifs create an airy sense around your bed – that island of relaxation.  

The large-scale print SUMMER MORNING (from €54.95) and the abstract landscape SOFT BREEZE (from €42.45) both create the optical effect of restraint and invite you to breathe deeply. Exciting colour combinations arise when we allow individual colours to repeat in different areas of the bedroom interior. Individual cushions, decoratively placed coat hangers, favourite books or flower pots act as companions to the art prints, picking up their delicate pink and restrained grey tones.


Houseplants for the bedroom are incredibly decorative and also improve the indoor climate, filtering pollutants from the air. Your new botanical friends will transform the bedroom into a green sleep oasis, rewarding both you and your green fingers with their soothing effect.  

The VERTE art print (from €54.95) is a beautiful, easy-care companion to a peace lily or ivy plant in your bedroom. The painted foliage adds a natural freshness to liven up your bedroom. And if you don't want to embellish your walls with nails or glued picture hooks, you can place small artworks, like the art card GINGKO  (€8.95), on a shelf or bedside table.  

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