Guest contribution: A bit of magic with beautiful art prints by the artist, Tiny.

This contribution was written and photographed by Daniela from @wunderblumen.

Tiny's beautiful pictures have long been finding their way into our home. Her works, created with "heart, love and soul", are sometimes loud and sometimes soft. They might be either colourful or muted, powerful or poetic. But they all have this in common: "They contain a certain magic."

I find her art prints look beautiful on their own, yet also when combined with other art prints or on a picture wall.

Selecting my favourite picture would prove difficult. However, because of its power and rich colour, I particularly love CORAL & CHOCOLATE. It hung in my daughter's bedroom for a long time, and it’s s to end up there again.

Two of Tiny's works, POÈME and SOFT BREEZE, hang in the main bedroom. Here, I chose "quiet" pictures that bring a peaceful atmosphere to the room with their modesty and harmonious colours.

Designing a new picture wall is always an experience. The colours of the anticipated hanging, as well as the atmosphere of the room, determine my choice of art prints. My gaze often returns to a particular picture, which then determines the other works, also influencing the accessory colours.

This time, the picture was VERTE, with its saturated green leaves on a rose-pink background. These are unusual colours for me, but the picture wouldn't leave my mind, and I started experimenting with it. In the preliminary stage, I always construct a mood board to see how the art prints could combine with the colours of the room. Another favourite of mine is the picture, DREAMY LANDSCAPE, with its harmonious, soft colours. In the end, I combined four pictures that differed in size, colour and motif. I always choose oak frames because they create a connection between all the pictures.

Before I hang the pictures, I try out all the possible arrangements on the floor. I move the pictures from left to right, and by continuing this process, I usually find my favourite version. When hanging them, I always try to maintain an equal distance between pictures.

It took quite some time before I completed the picture wall. But the wonderful colours and motifs of Tiny's pictures have given the room a completely new atmosphere.

Find more decor inspiration on my Instagram page @wunderblumen or in Tiny's Online Shop.

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