Two feel-good home decor ideas.

Live naturally! As of now, we can also celebrate the natural trend in our interior spaces. Earthy colours and delicate tones combined with poetic artworks and accessories from nature: that's my recipe for a natural feel-good atmosphere in the home. Let's take things down a notch and live out our penchant for all things natural. 
I have two home decor ideas which I'd love to share with you in the following article. Allow yourself to be captivated by my new art prints in soft pink hues and with inspiring earth-toned motifs. In my online shop,, you can find art prints, collages and wall hangings to suit your own natural home decor style.
Let's employ nature's own colour palette. Whether you prefer delicate stone grey, soft sage green or warm brown: natural tones on your walls and in the interior will bring a relaxed touch to your room. Whatever harmonises in nature can also provide balance and tranquillity inside a home. When combined with textiles like linen, cotton, jute or hemp, soft natural colours allow us to inhale deeply and feel at home inside our four walls.
The subtle brown and sandy beige tones in the layered art print AAMER (from €42.45) ground us and fulfil our desire to live close to nature.
The female silhouette in the POÈME art print (from €54.95) captures an intimate moment in the seated female figure. The light beige tones can add a cosy touch to cool grey walls or bedding. This colour duo surrounds us with a soothing atmosphere and provides a gentle glow to individual white interior accents.


Rosy prospects are in store for you and your home. You can add a soft pink upgrade to your home gallery to prevent a monotonous look when concentrating on natural colours. Earth tones are suddenly coming out strong, and combining powder pink can add a flattering, airy note.

In the art print MOUNTAINS AT DAWN (€54.95), the pink background sets the tone and acts as the colour protagonist, creating a gentle stage for the cool grey, white and blue shades of the mountain landscape.

BELLE MATINÉE (€54.95) is another art print that provides a harmonious balance to an interior in restrained natural colours. Of course, all good things in pink come in threes.

So, the art print TINY LITTLE THINGS (€54.95) should not be missing from your new picture gallery, because it’s the little things in life that often bring the greatest joy.

You can find more decor inspiration in my Online Shop, on Instagram or on Pinterest.



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