'Serein', a sense of serenity…

I painted SEREIN in Morocco during my latest artistic retreat. It has been painted with a soft pencil on antique paper.  I love to make sketches in my sketchbook and draw portraits of women from around the world during my travels. Each portrait holds a special memory, but somehow, it could hold so many more. Portraits could hide a million timeless memories of someone's heart. This painting keeps one exact moment from running away. 
SEREIN without a frame, but surrounded by small souvenirs from around the world. 
SEREIN & many of my Moroccan sketches... 
 Looking back at this Magical retreat, we traveled along the beautiful Moroccan coast, we created, painted, made many photographs, talked &
I love the labyrinth of tiny winding streets in Marrakesh. Saffron oranges, hues of pink wherever you look. The ancient streets, the souks, businesses and homes of the Marrakech medina is telling the story of a thousand years.  I love the fragrant scents, the smoke & dust, sounds and sights. Donkey carts, bicycles and tiny, hand-painted trucks, afternoon prayer and Moroccan
instruments. When you wander deeper into the alleys, you’ll get an up-close view of how people in this city really live. Love to buy here vegetables, eggs, and bread and sit and look and paint.
Colorful streets... 
Dromedaries passing by, while we painted... 
Me, painting inside of a blue window... 
More colorful streets, pink flowers pots with blue walls...
More beautiful sketches from woman we met on our retreat... 
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