These 3 ideas will draw spring into your home.  

When you feel the sensation of spring tingling in your stomach, your fingers start itching, and you feel like new colours and other changes, then spring is in the air. If the grey winter weather cannot motivate you to go outside, you can simply turn your back on that uncomfortable feeling and start revitalising your four walls with a spring lightness.  

  In the following post, I present three decor ideas to help you create your own spring paradise. Let's use a few artistic tips to shake our homes out of hibernation into a spring awakening. You can find matching paintings, collages and wall hangings in my online shop, 


Crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils are heralds of spring that gradually bring colour and life into the winter grey.  If you love bright spring colours, the art print ROUGE, boasting a female silhouette in bright pink, will suit your taste excellently and become a radiant highlight on your wall. The art print is available in 30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm and can be framed if required.

If you prefer not to go straight for the solo colour scene, the abstract landscape DE PAYSAGE combines several spring colours, such as purple, yellow, pink and bright blue. The perfect wall accompaniment to a colourful bouquet of tulips on the table.  


Be inspired by nature and the language of its forms. Soft curves and curved lines have something protective about them and provide a friendly interior atmosphere. The art print PARADIS VERT (from €54.95) will find a special place in your home as a tribute to the female body and its flowing curves. The artwork's light shades and minimalist design recall the beauty of simplicity and celebrate a spring-like lightness. It’s possible to purchase the art print in sizes 30 x 40 cm or 50 x 70 cm.


Towards the end of winter, our spirits become awakened, and we’re motivated to plan future trips and excursions that we’d like to experience in the warmer months. The joy of spring increases as, without leaving our homes, we dream about distant places and the blue ocean. The next adventure and boat ride awaits! The art print LETS’S GO ON AN ADVENTURE (€54.95) is a high-quality reproduction with dimensions 30 x 40 cm. I drew the original in blue pencil on antique paper.  

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