Three unpretentious decor ideas for this Christmas season

Slowly but surely, we’re ringing in the pre-Christmas season and starting to celebrate its cosy magic. As we do this, we reflect on what is essential and celebrate the "Minimalist Christmas" home trend. In this article, I will show you how to artistically achieve the effect and introduce three decorative ideas for a relaxed Christmas season.

Christmas Idea 1 – Wrap nature as a gift

O Tannenbaum [O Christmas Tree]! The Christmas tree remains the central element of our Christmas decor and the backdrop to our Christmas eve gift exchange. How about seeing nature as a gift this year and allowing the green of the tree to shine? Instead of becoming overloaded with sumptuous bling, the Christmas tree could exhibit itself in its simple garb, convincingly proving the motto "less is more!" And, on the wall, a companion — the artwork GINGKO – could join the fir tree in the room. The 50 x 70 cm botanical motif of a Ginkgo branch is designed in light beige and gold tones on white. In addition to having a simple beauty, the ginkgo is also a Japanese symbol of growth, protection, peace, strength, hope, love and longevity, as the tree can live to be a thousand years old.

Christmas Idea 2 – Silent Night, cosy Night

Christmas parties are often rowdy, filled with hustle and bustle. A cosy silence where you surround yourself with natural materials and motifs in soft tones, such as clay and lime colours, could create that subsequent relaxing effect you will need. Beholding the textile artwork WHISPERS FROM THE WOOD (80 x 100 cm, €159.95) is like taking a deep, calming breath. The winter motif of a bare tree in the middle of a snow-covered landscape reminds us of the power and tranquillity of nature.

Christmas Idea 3 – Intense warmth on cold days

Cosy comfort meets artistic radiance this Christmas. Works of art in bold shades such as red or purple combined with flickering candlelight bring an enchanting lustre to the home. When you combine these elements on a tray, you’ll serve up a little cosiness and add some floral flair to the party. The mini art print FLEURS POUPRES (€8.95) is a beautiful quality reproduction. The print can be supplied in a handmade A4 frame on request. You can choose from solid lime wood, oak wood, and black or white wood. 
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