Artworks in warm leafy colours

It’s time to get cosy with tinystories. The combination of soft nuances, natural materials and poetic artworks in warm leafy colours will sweeten our autumn. It's time to draw those super-cuddly pillows and blankets out of their summer sleep, light the first candles, and add some variety to our walls with new art prints. 
In the following article, I've compiled my favourite art prints for the golden season:

This delicate drawing of a woman in a kimono celebrates the beauty and culture of Japan. The restrained lines of the monochrome sketch were done in oil pastel on vintage paper. The art print KIMONO is printed on sustainable, chlorine-free paper and is available in two sizes, A4 and 50 x 70 cm (from €42.45).

The simultaneous simplicity and strength of the art print MARRON (30 x 40 cm, €54.95) create a convincing effect. The vibrant pink floral pattern contrasts wonderfully with the brown background.

The art print WILD FLOWERS has a calming and relaxing effect — a daily reminder to enjoy the beauty of nature. The original artwork was painted in the Balearic Islands, using self-mixed rock chalk and saltwater pigments. The art print is available in the sizes 30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm (from €54.95).

The woman's face glances expressively at the viewer, taking them on a dreamy journey. The art print SAKURA is named after the Japanese cherry blossom, representing beauty, departure, and transience. The quality reproduction is available in 30 x 40 cm (from €54.95).

You can find more autumn inspiration in my online shop or on Instagram.

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