Tinystories presents three trend colours for 2022

Popping or muted, high-contrast or tone on tone – once you've discovered the power of colour, you won't be able to stop looking. Because it's colour that adds soul and creates atmosphere in a room. So, the keyword for 2022 is individuality. Below, I'll introduce you to three colour trends for the coming year, showing you which tones will soon feature and why it's worth risking with more colours.

Trend Colour 1 – Digital Lavender

A multi-faceted atmospheric picture provides the new trend colour, "Digital Lavender". The soft pastel purple conveys a calm atmosphere with a simultaneous hint of lightness. A colour that makes you happy, its delicate nuance bringing playful, romantic accents into your home.

The art print "LILAC BREEZE" (Available in A4 and 30 x 40 cm, from €49,95) shows a female silhouette drawn on purple vintage paper. It captures a summery moment on the water, awakening a wanderlust. You can view the product here.

The art print "CORAL & CHOCOLATE" (30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm, from €49,95) is wonderful eye-candy. Strong, earthy tones meet with playful pastel colours in the abstract landscape, uniting in a contrasting dance for the senses. You can view the product here.

Trend Colour 2 – Creamy Cappuccino

The colour, "Cappuccino", is pleasantly warm and tasteful. During the 1980s, this neutral classic used to be one of the most popular colours for interiors, and it's making a huge comeback in 2022. The colour holds back yet still manages to help shape the atmosphere of a room. "Cappucino" forms a convincing counterpart to colourful interior designs as well as an ally of noble cream tones or other natural nuances such as Kaki or Greige.

In the dreamy silhouette "PURITY" (from €49,95), femininity and inner contemplation merge into an expressive moment of self-reflection. The duotone art print is available in a 30 x 40 cm size. You can view the product here.

The art print "SAND AND CORAL" (30 x 40 cm, €49.95) conveys peace and warmth with its layers in tones of light brown arranged above and next to each other. You can view the product here.

Trend colour 3 – earthy terracotta

Spicy warm red and brown tones satisfy an increasing longing for nature. The trend colour, "Terracotta", offers a range of colour gradations from a creamy matt lightness to a powerful depth, catching the eye in mid-century style.

In the art print "INNER TRUST" (€49,95), delicate female contours in intense terracotta tones form a sensual connection and point to a confidence in one's inner strength. You can view the product here.

In the work "BLUSH"(from €39.95), a soft red-brown combines with different beige, brown and black tones in a flat collage, resulting in a contrasting interplay. You can view the product here.

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