Living space ideas for every room and budget

Despite rain, snow or stormy weather outside, a few new living space designs can create a cosy indoor atmosphere. This winter, the colours we surround ourselves with at home are just as important as the textiles we love to cuddle in. It takes only a few steps and new colour accents to beautifully winterproof our homes. Whether it's the kitchen, bedroom or lounge, I will show you in this article how easily you can achieve this, and I'll give you three different creative ideas, to suit every budget. 

Room idea 1 - Sunny times in the kitchen

Outside it's dreary, but inside there's a warm colourful joy. The art print "LEMONS" (€59.95) brings light into your kitchen. The radiant yellow of the lemons not only brightens the room, but also your mood. Add a few additional soft contrast tones when choosing your cushions and accessories, and the whole room will show its cheerful side. Click here to see the art print. 


Room idea 2 - Power in the living room

The vibrant green and blue nuances of the wall hanging "KOREAN FLOWERS" (80 x 100 cm, €159.95) reveal a sharp colour accent, contrasting with the winter grey, and bring a magical liveliness into your lounge. Indoor plants and textiles from the same colour family will intensify this effect. The sensual and expressive female portrait is printed on 100% eco-cotton, hand-cut and frayed. It is available with hanging clips or in a frame. Click here to see the wall hanging.


Room idea 3 - The bedroom, a gentle oasis of rest

A subtle pastel colour palette in your bedroom hints at time to dream. If you repeat these colours in various artworks, they'll flood the room with an atmosphere of harmony and peace. It is best to limit yourself to two or three central colours and reinforce these all over the room through various consciously selected decor elements like candles, curtains and bedlinen. on Instagram

The art print "JADE" (30 x 40 cm, €59.95), in a limited series of 300, connects soft colour nuances with strong forms. The pastel jade square, stands out in the layered construction of vintage paper in various shades of brown and grey tones, drawing and centring the eye of the beholder. This work is hand numbered and signed in soft pencil. Click here to see the art print. 


The art print "POEME" (from €49.95), a female silhouette, is an ode to all women, capturing an intimate moment of a seated female figure. The original was painted onto fine vintage paper with handmade Japanese natural brushes. The art print is available in three different sizes: 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm. Click here to see the art print. 


Your gaze will dive into the depths of everlasting happiness when you look at the art print "PARADIS VERT" (€49.94). The drawing of a female silhouette on white and soft sea green vintage paper invites your soul to wander in. It connects the other two artworks into a sensual collage in tones of green. Click here to see the art print. 


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