Tinystories spring and Easter decoration ideas

It's finally here! Delicate rays of sunlight gently draw us outdoors where spring greets us pleasantly. So, it's about time to invite her in and prepare your home for the new season. You don't have to change all your furnishing, just apply a few decorative tricks here and there. Botanical accents and bright green and pastel tones can give your four walls that fresh spring glow.

Waiting for you in my online shop, is a world full of pictures, illustrations and collages, poetic artworks in delicate colours and floral motifs, large-format wall hangings and postcards that all create a spring atmosphere. You can also choose to buy any artwork framed in a high-quality wooden frame. Some prints are available in limited editions, hand-numbered and signed.

I've put together the highlights of my artwork as well as three styling ideas for this beautiful season:

Lasting floral joy

A picture that provides lasting floral delight. The floral art print, “WILD FLOWERS” (€74.95), is a beautiful quality reproduction. The original is painted on vintage paper with natural pigments from the Balearic Islands. Click here for the art print.

Magical spring feelings

The art card, "YOU ARE MAGICAL" (€7.95), conjures up a spring-like flair in a delicate shade of lilac. To decorate your wall, you can add a frame to the artistically immortalised flower, or you could use it as a greeting card to convey a spring message. Click here for the art print

It's turning so green

The two-colour art print, "VERTE" (€49.95 ), is available in a 30 x 40 cm size. The expressive bottle green of the depicted plant will form a botanical highlight in your home gallery. The original artwork was painted with a Japanese brush on sun-bleached linen. Click here for the art print


Styling Idea: 3 Tips for a home filled with the joy of spring

Idea 1: Immerse yourself in light spring colours

Delicate pastel shades skilfully underline the warmer season, providing lightness and setting a good mood. Pink, lilac, light blue and a soft green in the form of decorations and textiles such as tablecloths or pillows allow a spring breeze through your apartment. On the Easter table, water in glass vases, naturally coloured by food, creates an exciting contrast with the selected flowers.

Idea 2: Setting botanical accents

This year, the picture wall and Easter table could shine in fresh shades of green and botanical highlights for a change. Delicate green candles in simple moss cuttings, large monstera leaves as coasters and DIY napkins, printed with a leaf motif, all serve as table decorations. And you can round of this local plant delight with your new favourite – a botanical artwork on the dining room wall.

Idea 3: Floral joy

Easter decoration without flowers? Unthinkable. Fresh daffodils, tulips and hyacinths on a festively set table conjure up a colourful palette and belong to Spring just as much as the chocolate bunny belongs in the easter nest. Whether on the table, the windowsill or as a sustainable work of art with a floral motif on the wall – we're passionate about our floral feasts for the eye.


You can find further inspiration in my online shop or on Instagram.

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