Nostalgic signs of spring

Goodbye, dreary old grey winter and welcome beloved spring. Slowly but surely, our hearts start yearning for those warm rays of sunshine and radiant colours. Nature starts wrapping herself in fresh robes, inviting you to go outside. This is when your home could also blossom, decorated in nostalgic hints of spring.

A poetic dream world of art prints, wall hangings and postcards awaits you in my online shop. The delicate colours will conjure up springtime on your wall, framed in high-quality wooden frames and available in limited editions. Below I have summarized my three favourite works:

New in the shop

The abstract art print "AWAKENING OF THE SENSES" (available in A4, €59.95) is the most delicate temptation since the introduction of soft tones. Limited to 300 copies, the art print provides the perfect transition from winter to spring. Click here to see the art print. 


Florals for your wall

A picture that provides a sustained floral delight. The limited art print “MOON FLOWERS” (from €59.95) is a beautiful quality reproduction. The original was painted on vintage paper with natural pigments. Click here to see the art print. 


 Breathe deeply...

The art print "VERTE" (30 x 40 cm, €49.95) is reminiscent of nature's power and peace. The radiant leaf motif houses a feeling of well-being. The perfect artwork for all plant and nature lovers. Click here to see the art print. 


Find inspiration and immerse yourself in my world. On my Pinterest channel @tinystoriesartshop, I display my work and share personal snapshots and inspiring finds from the world of art and interiors.


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