Enjoy a restful sleep with soft colours

The bedroom is a retreat where we want to find peace and relaxation. It's not only a good bed that makes for a restful sleep; our choice of colours in the room also plays an important role. Do you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom and add a few improvements at the same time?
With a bit of creativity and dexterity, you can redesign your bedroom in no time and ensure increased quality of life and sleep. I've put together three ideas for the perfect bedroom remodelling:

Idea 1: Fresh colours energise the room

Soft yellow, orange and red tones can bring a boost of freshness into your bedroom. These colours evoke sun rays and floral pleasure and bathe the room in warmth and cosiness. Whether it's a new coat of paint on the walls, colourful decorative highlights arranged on the bedside table or selected works of monochrome art on the floor and walls – the sleeping quarters can become an oasis of well-being. 

Idea 2: Interior update for the walls

Relaxation, switching off and getting up — the bedroom should accommodate your various requirements and be a room with its own character. The walls could be unplastered; or they might contain a colourfully and thematically coordinated picture gallery or a single large wall hanging as a central focus. Nevertheless, your wall design should reflect your own personality and not vice versa.

Idea 3: Softly ensconced in pastels

Delicate pastel shades bring lightness and ensure peace and harmony. So what could be better than combining pastel colours with natural textiles when choosing bed linen and decorative pillows and creating a comfortable snuggle retreat. These elements allow the bedroom to become a dream room.

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